Who I am

I’m Bobby Klein, a soon to be interactive media graduate from Harrisburg University.  My main concentration focuses on video game design, production, as well as, User Experience (UX) design.  I have created various types of games throughout my education. Some of these themes involved a serious game about migraines, small experimental games and an entertainment venue with Bouncy Box Yeah.  My goal is to establish a future being a part of the games industry as a designer.

What I have done My best work in the field of interactive media.

  • Final Game Gif

    Final Game Gif

  • Bouncy Box Prototype

    Bouncy Box Prototype

  • Bouncy Box Prototype Development

    Bouncy Box Prototype Development

Bouncy Box Yeah – Producer & Designer

Bouncy Box Yeah is a precision platformer being developed for web by Bobby V. Klein and Anthony DelSordo.

  • Designed and prototyped original game.
  • Created all graphics for the final game and web page.
  • Produced design and concept documents.
  • Managed communication between the developer and publisher.
  • Managed the development and development timeline using Trello.

Bouncy Box Download

Bouncy Box Development Talk

  • Android Mobile – 4
  • Android Mobile – 1
  • Android Mobile – 2
  • Android Mobile – 3
  • Event Screen
  • First Screen Event List – 1
  • First Screen Event List
  • Offers

HYP Mobile App Prototype

HYP (Harrisburg Young Professionals) is looking to create a mobile app to keep their current members up to date and entice new members to join. This project was to design user experience of the app.

  • Designed app screens using Adobe Experience Designer and Adobe Illustrator.
  • Met with HYP board members to get an understanding of the organization and what they wanted in an app.
  • Scheduled meetings during the design process.
  • Used Adobe Experience Designer to create prototypes of the user experience in order to demonstrate the user experience to the client.

Minefield Test

Minefield VR – Designer & Producer

Minefield VR is a multiplayer virtual reality experience for the HTC Vive where one player is in a minefield (in the Vive) and the other player is outside with a map. The two players must work together to get out of the minefield. 

  • Produced all design and concept documentation.
  • Managed and tracked all progress on the project using Trello.
  • Scheduled all aspects of the project including meetings, milestones, and testing.
  • Facilitated gameplay and functionality test sessions with a diverse set of Harrisburg University staff and students.

Awards won: Best Digital Game in Expo at Let’s Play PA

  • Best Digital Game in Expo at Let’s Play PA
  • Best Game in Expo at Let’s Play PA
  • idqsex
  • jvr7um
  • u4pwwe

FishPotato Games – Social Media & Marketing Manager

At FishPotato Games, I worked as a social media and marketing manager on FishPotato Games’ Voxplode 2.

  • Managed the FishPotato Games’ Twitter and Facebook accounts using Twitter and Facebook analytics along with Buffer.
  • Connected FishPotato Games with bloggers, reviewers and gaming websites for game development interviews and publicity.
  • Created videos, gifs, and graphics for marketing material and website content.
  • Researched keywords for Search Engine Optimization using Sensor Tower.
  • Assisted with the development and management of the FishPotato Games official website.
  • Organized and ran user experience and bug tests for Voxplode 2.

Voxplode 2 Page

Internship Presentation (at Harrisburg U.)

Marketing as an Unknown Indie (Article on Gamasutra)

  • menu-screen-final
  • screen2-final
  • screen-1-final
  • quotehistory-final
  • menu-screen-final1

VOITH – User Experience (UX) Designer

I worked as a UX on an in-house app for quote creation and quote look up; primarily used by VOITH employees.

  • Created user interface for an in-house quote production app following customer requests and previous designs for the app.
  • Exported assets and placed them in the development environment using  HTML and CSS.
  • Produced presentations demonstrating my app designs and interfaces.

Other Work Games made as experiments, in game jams, and on free time.


Space Bird Migration

Press SPACE to Shoot

Existential Crisis Simulator

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